The Fabulousness and Obscurity of Things...


Issy Brooke is the penname for my popular Victorian mystery novels, with The Discreet Investigations of Lord and Lady Calaway available on all online platforms. As Autumn Barlow, I have written some 1920s mysteries and am currently working on some non-fiction nature writing.
I have worked for various publishing houses as well as on a freelance basis for independent authors. I am currently specialising in military history for Helion & Co. I may be open to other short-term contracts, depending on time constraints.


Originally trained in children’s book illustration at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, I now specialise in black and white linework. It’s mostly a sideline for me, but I have a growing portfolio of work for Occult Detective Magazine as well as book illustrations for Rosemary Pardoe and Bev Allen.


I am a qualified teacher with many years of experience working with secondary age pupils and adult learners. These days, however, I am particularly keen on running workshops in museums, focusing especially on history and arts and crafts. I am upskilling my coding and building on my graphic design skills to work towards a career in Instructional Design/Learning Design – but I have a lot to do yet!

Contact me anytime!